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Jessikah's Student Troupe

Students from Jessikah's classes have performed at restaurants, at festivals, in dance films, and at community events. Jessikah's Johara Dragons troupe combines Raks Sharki, Egyptian and  fusion styles to create stage and screen productions. Jessikah's students have performance opportunities such as dance films and online haflas.

Jessikah's Johara Dragons

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Shimmy Mob Team West Covina, CA

Jessikah's Shimmy Mob - Team West Covina, CA perform together on World Bellydance Day (the second Saturday in May), and the EASA (Emotional Abuse Signs Awareness) September event. Dancing for a great cause, to eradicate domestic abuse.  To join her Shimmy Mob team visit - and join Team West Covina, CA.

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Jessikah has led several different troupes from her various classes, in West Covina, San Dimas and La Verne.  These troupes learn American Cabaret, Egyptian choreography and technique, as well as fusion styles of dance.  Past troupes have performed at quarterly class showcases,  restaurants, the L.A. Fair, dance festivals, the Asian American Expo, charity events, private parties, and community events.  These troupes include Jessikah & Johara Sirens, Shimmy Siren Dragons and the Mik Nao bellydance troupe of the desert dragons.

Student Troupes: Quote
Student Troupes: About

Shimmy Sirens of Zoom

Online troupe

The Shimmy Sirens of Zoom are a troupe of friends who met through Shimmy Mob online, from across the continent! Team Leaders and dancers from California, Washington, Tennesse, Missouri, and Canada enjoy dancing together and performing online.

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