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Shimmy Mob Team West Covina CA

Jessikah's Team - West Covina, CA

Shimmy Mob - An annual bellydance performance troupe raising awareness and working to eradicate domestic abuse through the medium of dance. Jessikah is Team Leader for Team West Covina, CA, and is honored to be one of the 2021 and 2022 International Bonus Choreographers for Shimmy Mob! Shimmy Mob is the largest bellydance flash mob in the world, on World Bellydance Day (the second Saturday of May) AND in September for the EASA Event.

Be a part of:

  • World Belly Dance Day May Event

  • Online Wrap parties and virtual dance events

  •  EASA - September Emotional Abuse Signs Awareness Event

Get access to:

  • Online tutorials & rehearsals

  • The official T-shirt

  • The official FB SM group

  • Bonus choreography tutorials

Registration is now closed.  Shimmy Mob is a fun way to dance for a good cause, and it is open to everyone, dancers, drummers, non-dancers, and supporters!  Jessikah has participated in Shimmy Mob since 2018, and leads Team West Covina, CA. 

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Shimmy Mob West Covina CA: About
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