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Jessikah Bellydance

Performer / Instructor

Welcome to Jessikah Bellydance online, Los Angeles area dancer, choreographer, and producer. Jessikah has been working as a dedicated professional performer and instructor of Raks Sharki (bellydance) since 2014. Jessikah enjoys teaching and performing the art of Raks Sharki, or as it is commonly known, bellydance.  She teaches in San Dimas, CA, West Covina, and online. She is known for her artistic expression and imaginative, out of the box, dance films. For this creative artist, performing is more than a profession, it’s also a medium of expression and a life passion.

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Belly Dance Classes

(in person classes) Tuesdays, 7:00pm (Level 1), and 8:00pm, (Level 2),

San Dimas Community Building,

245 E. Bonita Ave

Study the ancient art of Raks Sharki (bellydance) with Jessikah in person in San Dimas! Belly Dance is a fun, exciting form of exercise, which uses your core and is a complete but gentle workout. Jessikah teaches in a super supportive, positive environment, and offers performance opportunities to her regular students. Classes run in 6-10 week sessions throughout the year, ages 18+. Classes are for great for both beginners and intermediate dancers. 

Bellydance 1 includes learning moves, focus on technique, doing drills and combinations, along with simple choreography.  This class is open to all levels. 

Bellydance 2 focuses on layering techniques, props, and choreography for stage and performance.  Dance experience recommended for level 2.

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Online Classes

Dance anywhere, any time! Jessikah is on Patreon, with online, on demand classes!  Jessikah's online classes began during the pandemic and she has built up a huge library of material!  Included in the online monthly subscription is on demand recorded classes, DIY projects, behind the scenes, costuming tips, documentaries, and other videos for her monthly subscribers.

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Jessikah's Troupes

Jessikah's Student Dance Troupe & Shimmy Mob Performance Team

Jessikah directs several troupes in performance in the community.  Her student troupe performs at many local events throughout the year, on stage and in dance films.  You need to be an ongoing student of Jessikah's classes to perform with this group, and you must attend rehearsals.

Shimmy Mob performance Team West Covina, CA has fun dancing while raising awareness and funds for domestic abuse victims in an effort to eradicate abuse. Jessikah's team learn dance routines to perform at Shimmy Mob events.  Shimmy Mob registration opens up December - March 31 annually, anyone (local to West Covina, CA) can join her team, just sign up on the Shimmy Mob website.

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Jessikah Bellydance Sizzle Reel
Jessikah Cairo ShimmyQuake 2022 Saturday
Jessikah at Anaheed's (Sword Solo)
Jessikah bellydance West Covina Cameron Park with Zills
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Thomas Edison

"If we did all the things we are capable of, we would literally astound ourselves"

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Jessikah is available for private parties, restaurant performances, festivals, teaching workshops, weddings, and video collaborations. For more information, do not hesitate to get in touch.

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