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What people say about Jessikah, her classes, and performances

From my students, audience, and clients

You did fantastic and everyone around me enjoyed your performance. Give the girls a big high five for their performance as well. Keep up the good work and making people happy with your dancing as well as your students. You all are awesome :)

Deborah, at the West Covina Health & Fitness Expo

Your troupe was the most spiritually and physically beautiful at the Hafla.  The love and compassion you showed in your group, ages, beauty and talent, tells volumes of your humanity...your group dances for the highest purpose, to show love and joy.

Abel, at the Around the World Hafla

So amazing!  I love, love, from beginning to end, was masterful, I love how you put together all the angles at the perfect genius! You love what you do and it shows in your artistry! How blessed am I that the universe brought us together in collaboration!

Andrija, after seeing a video of my troupe

Testimonials: Testimonials

Thank you so much!  Lesson today is amazing, and not too difficult, I have motivation to practice at home!

You were sensational!  You were a great addition to our event! Thank you for being a part of our International Food Festival.

Rosie, student

Planet Rehab International Food Festival

Jessikah, thank you so much for working your magic! You are such a kind, and amazingly multi-talented person!

Great class, Jessikah! Fun introduction to zills (finger cymbals)! Looking forward to learning more!

MJ, student

Sarah, student

One of the best bellydance teachers ever! How did I get so lucky to learn from you. I just love you...such a great, fun, and hardworking group!

I'm having my first bellydance performance next Sunday!  With an ultra awesome troupe - Jessikah, and amazing dancers!

JenIvy, student

Andreina, student

Jessikah, you are so talented and graceful! You look like you are enjoying your performance!

Jane, audience member

Testimonials: Testimonials
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