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Classes & Events

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Tuesday Classes

7pm and 8pm

San Dimas Community Building

245 E. Bonita Ave

(909) 394-6320

Jessikah is excited to be teaching in person in San Dimas, Tuesday nights, 7pm and 8pm at the San Dimas Community Building! 

Level 1 - Learn the ancient art of Raks Sharki bellydance!  Jessikah will teach American Cabaret moves, drills, technique and building combos and learning how to build a dance.

Level 2 - Taking your dance to the next level with choreography.

Bring a hip wrap, veil and/or zills to class if you have them. 

Classes will be subject to comply with Covid-19 restrictions/standards.

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Online Classes

On Demand online classes are currently run through Patreon, a monthly subscription service. Study at home whenever you want with Jessikah's large library of on demand content.  Patreon is a monthly subscription-based system, where you can access my on demand and live zoom classes.

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Events & Shows

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Breaking Hearts Hafla Online

Saturday, February 24, 3pm PST

Welcome to the Annual Breaking Hearts Hafla! Where all of us dancers do not go out and break legs, we go out and Break Hearts. 
For 2024, we will be hosting the Breaking Hearts Hafla as an Online Show that will Premiere on the Great Lakes Yoga and Dance YouTube page. On that day we will have a Live Chat on the side bar where we can watch the show together as well as cheer each other on!
We will not be selling tickets to this show, however we will be taking donations and those dollars will go for the production of the show, share with the dancers and if there is any left we will allocate the leftover dollars to a Live Summer Show!!
There will be dancers of so many flavours of bellydance, share the event and mark your calendars! It will be a show of warmth and wonderful energy and something to look forward to during the chilly months of February!

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Love Will Find A Way (Virtual Hafla)

Saturday, February 24 at 4:30 pm PST

Hayatidance is teaming up with dancers across the US to bring you another virtual dance extravaganza on her YouTube channel. It will once again support Journey’s End Refugee Services, a non-profit wih the mission of welcoming refugees without regard to ethnic origin or creed and helping them to become healthy, independent. contributing members of the community. To support their services please donate at: and dedicate the donation to Hayatidance
We appreciate your generosity!

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Shimmy Mob

Saturday, May 11

Jessikah's Team West Covina, CA will dance to raise awareness about domestic abuse in this International Dance Event. To join her team, visit the link.

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Cairo ShimmyQuake Festival

Saturday & Sunday, June 8-9, 2024

Belly Dance Festival in Glendale, CA.

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